A 2 days Ultrasonic Refresher – Day 1, July 24, 2013

Today, we have an old student of ours, Mr Shanavas Ahmed Koya from Kochi.  I remember training him in Magnetic, Penetrant, Radiographic, Ultrasonic and Eddy Current methods about 10 years ago. He worked for some major service providers in the Oil field in Abu Dhabi, Singapore & Yemen. He recently left his job with Amosco Khazakstan and works with Petrobase in Nigeria.

He wanted to brush his skills in Ultrasonic Testing since his company may send him for further training in other countries with some specific equipment manufacturers.

I feel the time is a bit short, 2 days or 16 hours may not do justice to what Mr. Shanavas needs, but that is all what he can spare. We decided to start this with an analog unit where our Day 6 and 7 Practical questions will be attended.

I had a feeling that he may have forgotten this, considering the time he had spent in Eddy current and other NDT methods. But not so, he had an old diary with those class notes and could attend these papers with ease.

By the way, there is no fee or charges on refreshers of this kind when offered to students from our old batches.  Below are some images that we took during the 1st day of the refresher course.


The UFD shall be calibrated using standard blocks.


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