Ultrasonic Testing of Welds to API RP 2X ( TKY JOINTS ) (Ultrasonic Applications, Level II C)

Course covering TKY weld examination per API RP 2X. Extensive practical on TKY welds shall be provided. Course includes detailed interpretation of API RP 2X. This is a progressive training
course and admission to Level IIC would require the candidate to pass Level II A and B. Participant should be able to carry out this work independently upon completion of this course.

The participant will be taught on the following with the help of UT equipment,reference
blocks and flawed TKY specimen and other accessories:

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    Construction of Beam Profiles
    Construction of DAC Curves
    Flaw sizing techniques
    Transfer correction
    Mode conversion effects
    Testing UFD for Vertical and Horizontal Linearity
    Selection of probes
    Reserve Gain
    Internal Reflectors Limit for probes
    Construction of weld cross section involving curvature using profile-gauge and other methods
    Estimating change of angle, beam-path, surface distance for curved surfaces
    Construction of a Flaw Locating Rule for TKY Weld Inspection
    Applying different acceptance criteria
    Report preparation