Q: Do you offer online courses?

A: Yes, we offer Theory and Specification part online. Practical requires instruments and reference materials and thus offered at our facilities.

Q: Are these courses approved by ASNT?

A: No, They are not approved by ASNT

Q: Does ASNT issue the certificates for the courses you offer?

A: ASNT does not conduct these courses nor offer certification.

Q: If ASNT does not issue these certificates, is it accepted by anyone?

A: This is a formal training certificate that we issue to successful participants and industries consider our training time for certification of their employees based on their written practice.

Q: Are you an ASNT approved training and certifying agency? Are you approved by CSWIP or PCN etc?

A: No, we are not approved or authorized by ASNT for any of these courses. We are not authorized by CSWIP or PCN either. www.bindt.org provides information on PCN certifications.

Q: Are there any ASNT authorized organizations for training and certification?

A: A quick search at the www.asnt.org website should clarify this or you may mail ASNT requesting details on it.

Q: If you are not approved, nor accredited by ASNT, what is that you are doing?

A: We are purely a training organization and we do not promise anyone of a good job or decent pay when you complete these courses. We train people and many of our customer companies mentioned positively about our training efforts. We have machinery and skills to teach people and transform them to real professionals in short time. To us, training is everything and not certification.

Q: My uncle has a company where he offers me a job. I need level II certificates in RT, UT, ET, MT and PT. I do not have sufficient time now to attend the course, but I will surely study once I am on the job. I am looking for a quick certification.

A: We’re sorry, we can’t help! We do not offer quick certification or crash courses. We offer only in depth training courses. Certification to all levels of qualification is the responsibility of the employer.

Q: I have just completed my high school and have no experience with NDT. Can I get Level II certificates in RT, UT, ET, MT and PT?

A: You may join a preparatory course in NDT, that will let you work as a trainee for some time and when your employer realizes that you are capable of handling work independently, he may offer you an examination and certification to Level I or Level II based on your academic qualifications and experience on the job. Even if you have a Level II or Level III certificate, you may have to prove yourself on the job before the company takes you into their confidence. If you can’t prove yourself then you will be back to the trainee position.

Q: I have an Engineering Degree / Diploma, can I take level II in RT, UT, ET, MT and PT directly? I do not have any experience in NDT or Inspection at all. I also want to take AWS CWI / CSWIP examination.

A: You may join a Level II training session of the chosen method if you qualify for the experience requirements set forth in SNT TC 1A. If not, you begin at the Level I training course. AWS CWI and CSWIP examination also requires you to have work experience.

Q: How to register for a course & what are the class timings?

A: You may call us and confirm your participation at least 5 days prior to the date of the course. Please refer the schedule for this year for dates. You may either come down to our office on the day before the course during working time or on the start date to fill up the registration form. Classes are taken from 09:30 to 16:30 hours.

Q: What documents are required for registration?

A: Please carry copies of your SSLC / HSC certificate, Eye test certificate, employment proof, 7 passport size photographs and full fee for the course. For Level II participants, please carry authorization letter from your employer for your training and certification.

Q: What about the examinations? Do I get the certificate if I fail the test?

A: Each method will have 3 examinations. You need to score a minimum of 70 % in each paper and the average of these should be 80% for a pass. If you fail the test, you may opt for a free re-examination, subject to conditions. It is you who have to study the subject. We will provide you all possible assistance in learning the subject. Certificates will be issued only if your employer authorizes us for your training and examination on their behalf. We would issue training completion certificates. It is your employers responsibility to issue Level II certificates.

Q: What if I do not attend the course fully after registration due to personal reasons? Do I get another chance?

A: Yes, subject to conditions.

Q: Do you provide placements after the course?

A: No. We can definitely help you out with the names and contact information of companies who may be recruiting. We also post job listings on our blog regularly. It is your responsibility to contact them for an appointment & possible interview.

Q: Upon completion of the course, will I be able to perform the work independently?

A: Yes, you should be. It is exactly what we are trying to provide you with the lectures, equipment and reference materials. Check our Facebook page to see what we do: http://www.facebook.com/NDTTech

Q: Is there any technical support on the subject on a test work after the course and certification?

A: Yes, you may call us any time on +91 481 2361887 or e mail us at contact@ndttech.org with specific details of the work and your doubts.

Q: Why are these equipment needed for the course? Can we not learn the testing on a computer?

A: NDT essentially uses some kind of portable or stationary equipment which you may have to carefully calibrate for an accurate test result. NDT tests can only give you some indications on the defects that may be there in a material. Therefore it is important that you are very familiar with the instrument, controls and the materials. In most work situations, you may have to pass a qualifying test before you actually begin the job. This would require you to learn not only the theory, but also the codes and its acceptance criteria. Just seeing an equipment or seeing a picture of an equipment will not help! You should use it on a variety of materials to learn the operation. Such proper learning takes time. Certain computer programs designed for this purpose may help understand the theory.

To see some of the equipment we use, see www.facebook.com/NDTTech

Q: Why should I learn to use these equipment? I am not a Technician, I am an Engineer / Supervisor.

A: Unless you know the proper usage, you would not be in a position to rectify a problem.

Q: How long would a company pay an Engineer / Supervisor without having relevant exposure to the required work?

A: If they do not have appropriate exposure, how long  they could possibly continue in that service? Supervisors who do not know the work may be taken for a ride by the knowledgeable technicians or contractors! Quality companies would look for quality personnel with relevant experience and not just anyone with a certificate! Consider a situation where the company learns that you have a level II / level III certificate, but you have seen the basic NDT equipment only in picture!

Q: How do I reach your premises?

A: Pallom is about 6 Km from Kottayam town towards Trivandrum. You may get buses from the Railway / Bus stations that runs on the M.C. Road towards Changanasserry or Trivandrum or take a rickshaw to Pallom. For those who travel by bus, please get down at ‘SBI Pallom’. Those who get down at the Kottayam Railway station would find a number of private buses from the Railway station to Pallom. The private Bus station is very close to the Railway Station. You may take the KSRTC buses from the KSRTC station to Pallom as well. Super fast, Fast passengers and Limited stop buses may not stop at ‘SBI Pallom’. In case of doubt, please call: +91 481 2361887

Q: How come I can’t attend Level II examinations? I am a graduate engineer. Why don’t you offer a correspondence course for Level II certification?

A: Refer to answer in question 3, 11 and Inquiries in the sixth edition of Interpreting SNT TC 1A

Q: How long the certificates are issued for?

A: Certificates are issued for a period of 5 years. Some organizations also opt for a lesser duration such as 3 years.

Q: Can I attend a course organized by you? I have a Level II certificate from another institution and may not require your certification now. What would be the fee in this case?

A: Yes, you may please attend. Kindly check the schedule for a convenient date. Refresher course fee from our current brochure will apply.

Q: Do you organize only Level I courses and not Level II?

A: We organize both Level I and Level II courses.  Please see the brochure and schedule for details.

Q: Do I get to use the equipment in the class, if I join?

A: Yes, there are many things that you are required to perform with these equipment in the class.

Q: Can you change the number of days for these courses? I do not have much time.

A: We are not in a position to lower the time. As an alternate, you may attend our online theory classes and visit us later for practical.

Q: I am an old student, but my photo and certification details are not provided on the resources page. I want to know how to include my name?

A: We do not provide this service.

Q: Do you provide part time Level II NDT courses for Engineering students?

A: No

Q: I want to do RT, UT, MT, ET & PT all the 5 courses together in about 5 to 7 days. Is it possible with you? This is because I do not live close to your training facilities. I would like to do Level I and II together in this time. I am a Graduate Engineer.

A: No, We can’t help.

Q: I have a Masters in Engineering ( ME / MTech)  can I take level II in RT, UT, ET, MT and PT directly? I do not have any experience in NDT or Inspection at all. I also want to take AWS CWI / CSWIP examination.

A: To attend Level II examination you would  require work experience. Ideally, your employer should sponsor you for these courses.   AWS CWI and CSWIP examination also requires you to have work experience.

Q: I will pay your fee, I need back dated Level II certificates.

A: Sorry, we can’t help.

Q: I want to attend UT ToFD course and UT TKY course.  I have a Level II certificate but not much experience in testing welds or anything.  I am a Graduate Engineer.

A: We would suggest you to have some solid work experience in UT before you attend a Post Level II course like UT TKY Weld Testing or ToFD.  If you have higher academic background, then it is easy for you to grasp the subject. But you still need some good experience to do this work.

Q: I want to attend Radiographic Film Interpretation course. I have a Level II certificate in RT, but no experience. I am not going to do Radiography in real life.  I want to interpret films.

A: We would suggest you to have some solid work experience and Level II qualification in RT before you attend a Post Level II course like RTFI. There are many instances in real life on the job, where you may be challenged. Real knowledge will get you through these. Our RTFI course could take longer than you may imagine. Which means it may not be completed within the time frame mentioned in the brochure, unless you have that solid, knowledgeable work experience.

Q: I am working in a private company outside India., I would like to take UT,MPI,PT level II certificates from your institution, can i attend the exam that you are conducting without your training?. Because i will be in kerala for a limited time only, If possible kindly advise the formalities.


A: We are sorry, it is important to attend the full course for anyone to become eligible for these examinations.